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The voice of love

Aimée Sophia is the voice of love, a passionate, sensual, spellbinding woman… these are the words that come to mind when Aimee takes to the stage: a seductive presence that captivates her audience, long before the first note is sung. And when she begins to sing… we listen, enchanted.

British born, it is nonetheless Aimée’s French heritage that resonates – her name comes from the French for 'beloved'. Richly textured, this is a voice that transcends musical genres. Epic and powerful, it ignites any space or stage. This is the voice of a woman with soul, and a story to tell, Aimee also was a competitive gymnast from a young age and exploring different avenues of performance found a huge desire to combine ariel movement with her vocals.

Joy over pain and Love over fear

From exclusive live performances at private parties and global events Aimee has taken to many stages, from Brixton academy to the Atlantis hotel in dubai.

In the past year Aimee performed at the launch of The Act Dubai and there remained resident chanteuse. She has successfully delivered a dazzling array of live performances and collaborations. Aimee is currently combining her theatrical knowledge and aerial skills to offer an unprecedented performance. A singing aerial routine. A multi dimensional facet.

Joy over pain and Love over fear, confidence is held in the fire we hold inside us through there art.